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MLS’ most ambitious project to date

2023 will forever stand out as a monumental year, marked by our most ambitious undertaking yet: 6 different Marine outfit clients on board Marella Voyager! Such was the scale of this endeavour that even our esteemed Director Chris joined the team on board. During these 6 separate projects the MLS team supplied labour to our clients to help them achieve excellent results. 

A major focus of our efforts was the transformation of a sushi bar restaurant on Deck 7 into the vibrant Surf&Turf, along with the addition of the Squid and Anchor Aft Bar and Lounge. With unwavering precision and dedication, our team tackled various challenges, managing the supply chain, executing meticulous cleaning routines, and ensuring seamless material movement. Notably, our semis played a crucial role in crafting a new kitchen counter, from dismantling the old structure to meticulously constructing the new one.

Our impact extended beyond individual venues. From lively bars to tranquil hallways and cozy cabins, we left our mark on numerous spaces throughout the ship. Our involvement in logistics, from timely deliveries to efficient distribution, ensured smooth operations amid the vessel’s dynamic environment. Additionally, our commitment to cleanliness and waste management underscored our dedication not only to the project’s success but also to the wellbeing of the ship’s occupants.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional clients whose trust and collaboration made it all possible. And, of course, to the tireless MLS team whose unwavering dedication and hard work propelled us to new heights.

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