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MLS on board the iconic Queen Mary Two

At MLS, 2023 marked a milestone year as we embarked on a remarkable project aboard the iconic Queen Mary Two. As a trusted partner our team was entrusted with diverse responsibilities, ensuring the smooth progress of the renovation while upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and efficiency. While onboard the Queen Mary Two the MLS team assisted 5 different outfit clients supplying labour to help the teams achieve amazing results. 

Our tasks were ranged from keeping the garbage container areas impeccably clean, to the more intricate work of securing spaces vulnerable to damage during the extensive renovation process. Loading and collecting various materials became a routine, a testament to our commitment to keeping everything under control.

This project took us across the continents, starting from the bustling streets of New York, sailing through the historic waters of Hamburg, and finally docking in the vibrant port city of Rotterdam. Working hand in hand with esteemed partners, we collaborated seamlessly to ensure the success of this ambitious venture.

Any challenges were met head-on, with our dedicated crew showcasing resilience and determination. A special note of thanks  extends to the teams from MLS who, despite being on board for other companies, offered their assistance in moments of need. This collaborative spirit ensured the successful conclusion of the project, leaving every one of our amazing clients satisfied with the results.

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